The Last Fight

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The Last Fight chronicles the demise of two of Kenya’s greatest boxing clubs responsible for producing the country’s famed ‘Hit Squad’ boxing team of the 1980s including Robert Wangila Napunyi, Africa’s only boxing Olympic gold medallist. The implementation of the Structural Adjustment Programs, the economic austerity measures imposed by the World Bank and IMF in the late 80s and early 90s led to the collapse of state-owned corporations such as Railways and Posta which in turn led to the demise of the social infrastructure these corporations had supported. The result was blighted neighbourhoods and young people who turned to drugs and crime.

Director: Jackie Lebo
Producer: Roy Gachuhi
DoP/Co-Director: Jim Bishop
Sound Recordists: Lee Smith & Ednah Bonareri
Editor: Franki Ashiruka
Associate Producer: Chelagat Netay
Music: Eddie Grey

Status: Completed, 2015
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