Ivory Belongs to Elephants

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When Kenyan ranger Jim Nyamu realizes elephants are likely to become extinct in his lifetime, the father of two is desperate to ensure these magnificent creatures remain on earth for generations to come. Nyamu has walked over 12,000 kilometers along elephants’ centuries old migratory paths across East Africa and plans to walk tens of thousands more until they are safe from poaching. From village to village, house to house, he talks to communities on the frontline of the battle for the elephants’ future.

This film follows his longest walk yet, 6200 km from Nairobi to Johannesburg, to unite countries in East and Southern Africa in the fight to save elephants.

Director: Jackie Lebo
Producer: Chelagat Netay
DoP: Stephen ‘Ondivow’ Okoth
Sound: Ednah Bonareri
Impact Producer: Sylvia Achieng Okoth

Status: In production
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