Artists Exchange

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This project brings together artists from Turkana, Karamoja, Kampala and Nairobi to discuss issues facing the Ateker region, visit sites where these issues manifest physically and take in the stark beauty of Turkana and Karamoja, then produce work that responds to these issues in a direct or abstract manner.

The artists work in various disciplines including video art, film, fashion, music and photography. The exchange will enable the artists to share and learn from each other about the creative process, technical implementation and dissemination through sharing sites, social media and festivals.

Project Director: Jackie Lebo
Project Lead: Chelagat Tum
Artists: Ekori, Ondivow, Elizabeth Korikel, Eddie Grey, Margy Modo, Ivan Kabuye
           Maggy, Ivan Chebet Mutai, Kevo Abra, Shane Cook
           Mourine Apuu, Jackson Nakuwa, Ondivow,
           Sebastian Wanzalla, Eric Otieno.

Status: In Production
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